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Our Family is what you would call a blended family.  We have four fur kids and my husband has two children from a previous relationship.  Our fur babies are our world, I post a lot about them!


First is my boy Bob Barker, he is our old man, 10+ year old mini schnauzer, but don't tell him that, he thinks he is a big dog like his siblings.

Next up is Blue, he is a 4+ year old Pit Bull who loves to cuddle more than anything else, if you have a treat to go along with cuddles he will be your best friend.

Lastly are my twins Mamba and Lexi, they are 1+ year old mini Pit Bulls, meaning they are short and stocky. Most people don't believe they are siblings because Mamba is much bigger than Lexi.  They are also all about cuddles and kisses.  

We will share lots of pics of them here and on social media so go ahead and check them out, they are our world!

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