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It's all about the Pier

Updated: May 22, 2021

I found myself in Santa Monica with a few hours to spare. I stayed in Marina Del Rey for a few days for work and decided to leave a half day at the end for some exploring. I was only 15 minutes from the Santa Monica Pier so I headed out first thing in the morning. The fog had set in the night before and was still not cleared out so there wasn't any sun. The pier is so colorful with a bunch of rides and carnival games. It is still Covid so the only thing open is the restaurant at the very end and a few carts of souvenirs, it is still early and during the week, but I'm not sure much more is open at night during Covid. I would love to come back after Covid and play some games, go on the Ferris Wheel and have dinner, I am not one for rides especially the spinning ones, but I could definitely get some good pictures.

I will be heading back out a few more times for work so I will definitely go back down and see what it's like at night. I will also be checking out the downtown shopping. I drove through and attempted to do some shopping but everything is still shut down. I have one more work trip planned so I will definitely be checking out the area again.

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