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Small Country, Beautiful People

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Our first trip as a couple and our first trip to Placencia Belize.

When you live in paradise full time it is really hard to find paradise on vacation. My boyfriend has traveled outside the country a lot more than I have and swears Belize is his paradise and will soon be my new paradise. We have decided to stay in Placencia since it is one part of the country that Ash has not been too. We fly into Belize City and then puddle jumper to the peninsula of Placencia. I was leery of the puddle jumper when I booked it but thankfully there is a cute little bar in the Belize airport with the best rum punch and coldest beers you could imagine so your puddle jumper is now the best adventure ever. My husband tipped the airport guys and put me in the co-pilots seat. What amazing views, i got to see the entire country.

“I live in paradise, my boyfriend says Belize will be my new favorite paradise!.”

Upon our arrival into Placencia we were greeted by our golf cart rental guy. We decided for our first trip to stay local on the peninsula. If you are looking to venture out I would recommend just a daily car rental or a guided tour. We stayed at a local hotel on the famous "Sidewalk". We chose the single cabana on the beach as opposed to a room in one of the buildings. Such a beautiful country, the room doesn't really matter.

Placencia is a very small town with amazing residence. We had the pleasure of meeting many locals through the dive shop, I absolutely love meeting local people. I have connected with a few on social media to try and keep in touch with when we leave. We were taken to two local spots to eat, one right next to the water, she cooks whatever you catch or bring her and the drinks are always flowing. The other was a local deck bar, it is on the lagoon side so unless your looking for it, or in our case are brought to it you wouldn't find it. They are cooking on an open fire along side and a fryer right next to it. Oh the fried Jack I will miss you so!

Ohhh the diving!

The main reason we chose Belize is all about the Whale Shark. My boyfriend is an avid diver, the whale shark has been on his bucket list for a long time. We checked and booked our trip around the full moon as this is when they migrate. In our research it also said it was a big migration trail right off of Belize, we were so excited to finally see the Whale Sharks! Well while the dive was amazing, swimming with dolphins, playing with nurse sharks, but unfortunately we did not see a whale shark. We tried for a second day to see our luck, rough waters had everyone but me chumming the water off the side of the boat, I take motion sickness pills when I go out on a boat, I was so glad that I did.

The Locals are amazing

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