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The Las Vegas of the South they say...

Nashville has become my second home during Covid, my company has decided to hold of our monthly events here so I am really getting to know the city. I will add some of my favorite spots as I continue to go each month.

Broadway is the center of all fun and excitement, aka all the bars you could ever need and oh so many cowboys and cowgirls in there boots and hats! If your heading to Broadway your first stop should always be Tootsies! It is one of the most iconic and oldest bars on the street, it is purple and bright and the staff is the same. Many many people have performed on this stage, my boss saw a young Taylor Swift before she was TAYLOR, you never know who will be on stage. There are two stages, the main stage when you walk in and the upstairs stage. There is also a rooftop bar, but who doesn't have a rooftop bar on this street.

In need of a little rock and roll on your country music stroll, head over to Kid Rocks, it's my favorite spot on the strip. The bands here are required to play a little rock and roll and they do not disappoint. I have two favorites that I look for every time I'm in town, I will usually catch one of them.

If your in need for some food with your drinks you can get some munchies or bar food anywhere, but if your looking for some really good food on Broadway head down to Fifth and Broadway and check out the new mall, you will see the famous Hattie B's which is sure to have a line but oh so worth it. If your looking to sit down for some good Mexican food check out Blanco's, the food was amazing and the drinks even better. If your looking for some unique eats head upstairs to the food court, there are amazing Donuts, Cotton Candy, Boozy Icee's, mac and cheese to die for and a bar with a great mix of drink specials. I call it a craft food court, it's definitely not your average mall food court.

If your looking for a tour to see the town there are many, many options, BIkes, Buses, Trucks, Hayrides and even a Pontoon Boat.

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